Bouw Huis Familie Jayalath, Kandana

In 2013 maakten we kennis met een familie die onze hulp hard nodig had. We zijn begonnen met het maandelijks ondersteunen bij het aanschaffen van medicijnen voor hun twee zoontjes. We begonnen met het onderzoeken van hun problemen en vroegen links en rechts om advies. In 2014 kochten we een stukje grond waarop we in 2015 de bouw van een huisje hebben gerealiseerd.

Brief Vader
As you already know the house we are living in is rented as we do not have a house of our own. This house is the third house we have rented. My only wish is to have a house of our own where my two children, my wife and I could live in peace. Paying a monthly rent takes a big portion of whatever I am able to earn. This naturally deprives me from meeting the basic needs, such as food, clothing, etc, for my family.
Dear Sir, I am well aware that your organization helps many worthy causes and that many families are on their feet because of your help. My wife is from an orphanage and have nothing to call her own. My father died when I was very young . My mother is an invalid and lives with my brother. I my self am not able to do much because of my disease and I know that I will not be able to put aside any funds to build a house for my family.

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